Internal Mail

As part of the Disposable Memory Project,
we've created 'Internal Mail'.

If you work in an organisation which uses an internal postal system, you can create your very own camera project.

  1. Buy a disposable camera
  2. Get an internal mail envelope
  3. On a slip of paper, write this note:

    Hello, you're part of a bit of fun.
    Inside this envelope you'll find a camera.
    Take one photo, and then put the camera back.
    Write someone else's name on the envelope,
    Then pop it back in the internal mail.
    If you finish the camera, send it back to:
    (your name here)
    Visit to see the images

  4. Put the camera and note in the envelope, write someone's name on the envelope and drop it in your internal post

Send us an email to tell us if you've done this in your company, or if you get the camera back, and we'll help you share the images.

Alternatively, if you want to develop the camera yourself, you can join our Flickr group and upload the images directly


ps. you can read all about internal mail and our other projects at our blog

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